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  1. Ranko Mladina

    Dear Colleague,
    First of all thank a lot for considering my classification.
    Besides some minor irregularities regarding this issue, I must correct you saying that type 6 by no means is in fact “Type V deviation with a deep horizontal gutter in the opposite side”. Type 5 and type 6 do not have anything in common except the fact that both of them belong to so called “horizontal deformities”. First four types belong to so called “vertical deformities”.
    Type 5 is, in fact, an slowly ascending horizontal spur, staying as more laterally as deeper in the nose, and the maximum is achieved in Cottle’s area 4/5. Contrary to that, Type 6 is absolutely an anterior deformity, i.e. located in Cottle’s area 1,2, sometimes touching even the region 3.
    To the best of my knowledge, both type 5 and 6 are absolutely inherited! You can find them in the blood family members with no problem, from one generation to the other. Try and you will convince yourself. You will be amazed! So these types do not have anything to do with the trauma to the nose! They have to do with GENES! Now it’s up to molecular biologists and other scientist to find out what exactly is the name of this gene. Btw, type 6 is closely related to uvula biffida, submucosal cleft palate and also to real cleft palate! Is that the same gene. Can we extrude, finally, CLP as an ugly pathological entity from the list of diseases in mankind? I mean by gene therapy, of course.
    At the end, a small ethymologic issue: in Latin language the word “deviatio” means a wrong position, movement from the right direction, way, plan or whatsoever. The word “deformatio”, however, means thatchanged form. And we are speaking about deformities, not deviations. Deviations are completely different story.

    I wish you all the best and I wish to meet you in person somewhere in the world!

    My best,

    Ranko Mladina

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